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Elena Leeve standing in front of a table

Jessica Vieira

Private Events

Jessica began her working career in the movie theaters when she was just 15 years old.  She worked the concession stand and assisted movie goers with their snacks and beverages before going in to watch their movie. She started in restaurants at 18 and found a passion for the hospitality business.  

She wanted to find a more elevated restaurant to work at and get out of her comfort zone, so she applied to work at Orchard City Kitchen.  When she first started she realized quickly there was a lot to learn and was coached and mentored on all things hospitality and service. 

After returning to work from the COVID hiatus, she was offered a position as a manager at Orchard City Kitchen and then moved on to becoming the events manager for both Orchard City Kitchen and Be.Steak.A.

Come see her for a private event soon!